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Consultant Terms and Condition


• The Terms and Conditions as written in this document shall serve as
guide for all registered SRG Consultants.
• The information contained herein is solely a directive for operation
within and outside for every registered SRG Realtor.
• These terms will be applied fully and affect registration, acceptance,
engagement, etc.
• Upon your registration with The SRG, you agreed to accept all
terms and conditions are written herein.
• Do not accept these guides if you disagree with any of our Standard
Terms and Conditions.
• Minors or people below 18 years old are not allowed to register.



1. Registration and acceptance into the SABISELL REALTORS
family is free, no fee should be collected from
any party.
2. Every registered SRG consultant cannot register
under another real estate company to sell (direct
or indirect if the company is already on sabiell platform) this will lead to the termination of
registration agreement, forfeiting of pending
commission and incentives.
3. Realtors are not allowed to register twice under
SRG umbrella.
4. Realtors are not allowed to use fictitious names
of other consultants (Friends, Relatives,
Colleagues, etc.) that did not participate in
closing a deal to get the commission.



Inspection is very crucial to making a sale.
Official inspection days will be announced on the Whatsapp group
Inspection can also be customized for a Client
1. Inspection must be booked at least 24 hrs before the date
2. You must get to the pickup point before 9 am
3. The bus moves by 10 am
4. You must update the customer care at all times of the sales process


1. Commissions will be paid to every consultant upon meeting every demand both from partner
companies and SRG (send proof of payment, send all clients documents and consultants details for
verification to the customer care WhatsApp number).
2. Every terms and conditions from partner companies must be properly understood and agreed on
before the sale of such estate, once the time allotted for promos and incentives has passed, nothing
will be done (this also applies to sale of land, houses and investment platforms).
3. Incentives cannot be monetized either by the partner company or by SRG except otherwise stated.
4. Issues related to delay in commission should be reported to the SRG Customer care and Company
representative only (consultants should not contact the partner companies to complain)



1. Consultants are prohibited from selling and earning commission directly for any of our
partner companies, violation of this rule will lead to termination of registration, loss of
commission and incentives
2. SRG realtors are prohibited from directly calling any of the GMD of our partner companies
but can relate directly with SRG Company staff or any SRG rep directly working with the
company, the SRG office or the office of the SRG Coordinator (regardless of the issues)

3. All issues related to abuse office by any of the parties above should be reported to 08053664444 customer care

Phone call and Whatsapp 0805-3664-444


1. After registration every upline is supposed to train,
support and follow-up all their recruits
2. Check on all the realtors in their team members at
least once a week.
3. Ensure that they and their team members attend
trainings, property tours, conferences etc.
organized by Sabisell Realtors Group.
4. Belong to a WhatsApp group to pass across
information and daily updates as released by SRG.
5. Complains of neglect by Consultants will be
handled and any upline found wanting might lose
their members.
6. Must attend at least 70% of SRG events opened to
Sabisell Realtors.


  1. Must be registered with the SRG link to be considered a
  2. Should attend all trainings, tours, conferences etc
    organized by SRG.
  3. Participation in all activities (WhatsApp, trainings etc) of
    the team each Consultant belongs to is mandatory.
  4. Every consultant must not violate the SRG or their
    team’s rules of engagement.


All SRG registered Consultants are mandated to attend all
or most of the above programs organized by SRG and her
Partner Companies
1. Trainings-SRG trains her Consultants monthly which
will be free. We also have some specialized training
which will be paid e.g. Business Opportunity Training
2. Estate Tours- SRG conducts an Estate tour Quarterly.
3. Conference- SRG
4. Other events- anniversary and awards
5. Partner Companies Events and Programs
For those outside of the location state or country can
participate online where provided)


You are specifically restricted from all the following:
1. publishing any of our material for use in any other media;
2. selling, sublicensing and/or otherwise commercializing any
other estate using any avenue is strictly prohibited
3. publicly performing and/or showing any other company;
4. using The SRG Brand in any way that is or may be damaging
to this company (for personal advert and business;
5. Certain areas of this Website are restricted from being access
by you and Company Name may further restrict access by
you to any areas of this Website, at any time, in absolute
discretion. Any user ID and password you may have for this
Website are confidential and you must maintain
confidentiality as well.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with
the laws of the Lagos State and Nigeria, and you submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in
Nigeria for the resolution of any disputes


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